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FIC: Of Pianos and Platinum Promises (1/?)

Media: Fic
Title: Of Pianos and Platinum Promises
Author: missduckiedear
Rating: PG-13 
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Spoilers: None. 
Word Count: 2,206
Summary: It’s not the same anymore. He hasn’t felt it- whatever it is – in ages. Something’s gone. The spark, the romance. Trying to ignite it again only sends them up in flames. They burn and lick up his spine; skin burnt a charred black, left in their wake.
 Author's Note: Holy angst fest this is. It started out innocently enough and then took a turn for the tears. Well, this is like my baby. Sort of. I can't tell you how many times I've thought of good ideas for this and had to write them down, only to have them escape from my grasp once I set at my computer to type them out. So there's more, and I am currently trying to wrangle it out of my brain. I'd like to thank Morgan and Kami for their beta-ing, and Cass for the encouragement. 

Kurt’s eyes open; he blinks once, twice, trying to get used to the dim light of his apartment. His alarm is softly playing a recorded track of ocean waves, and the noises of New York echo around it. His hand snakes out through the sheets, ghosting along to find Blaine’s with the tip of his fingers.Collapse )

Fic: You're Falling Apart (1/1)

Media: Fic
Title: You're Falling Apart
Author: missduckiedear
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Spoilers: I Am Unicorn (3x02) just to be safe? Yes
Warnings (if any): minor bondage. And blow jobs
Word Count: 1,108
Summary: Kurt injures his hands on his sai swords. And suddenly, touching Blaine isn't an option. So they come up with a solution
Author's Note: Better break my LJ posting virginity with something mildly smutty, right? Because that's basically all this is. Or not. But I'm doing it anyway. Thanks to Cass for the encouragement, and  the prompt. Title from Runaway by Matt Webb. 

You're Falling ApartCollapse )

Just noticing

That I'm friends with myself.

Isn't that a little pretentious? 

Do I really need notifications when I change my icon or whatever? 

Because that's strange. 

I should know when I changed it. I changed it. Ya know?

After accomplishing my mission

I feel I should do something more productive than showering and sleeping.

But man, does figuring out which buttons to click take a lot out of you. 

Is this thing on?

Oh god. 

It feels so weird starting with a fresh slate, a new name, no one knowing who I am. 

Unless you're especially creepy and found me somewhere. 

Don't know how you'd do that. This is extremely undercover. Only semi-sharing a username with one other account.

It's like I'm a secret agent. I could be someone completely different than who I am on other sites. Over there, I'm one person... but here I could be anyone. 

Until my lack of ability to stay anonymouse kicks in and I tell everyone and their mother who I am.

Or up a link to tumblr. 

Or something.

So I'll sit here in my current anonymity. And try to figure this website out. 

Because all I really wanted to do was fic. Read it and get updates on when the WIPs I stupidly allowed myself to get sucked into get a new chapter. 

And maybe post some of my own because, yeah.