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Fic: You're Falling Apart (1/1)

Media: Fic
Title: You're Falling Apart
Author: missduckiedear
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Kurt/Blaine
Spoilers: I Am Unicorn (3x02) just to be safe? Yes
Warnings (if any): minor bondage. And blow jobs
Word Count: 1,108
Summary: Kurt injures his hands on his sai swords. And suddenly, touching Blaine isn't an option. So they come up with a solution
Author's Note: Better break my LJ posting virginity with something mildly smutty, right? Because that's basically all this is. Or not. But I'm doing it anyway. Thanks to Cass for the encouragement, and  the prompt. Title from Runaway by Matt Webb. 

Kurt can't believe he was so stupid. Who actually tries to catch a sword, by the blade, once you've dropped it? 

And now his palms were wrapped in gauze and medical tape covering the stitches and butterfly bandages holding together the long gashes.

"You okay?" Blaine asks, for the thousandth time, and Kurt replies that yes, yes he is fine and it's really just more of an annoyance thing than actual pain. 

"Annoying how?" 

"Because I can't write properly. Or button up my shirts. Or run my fingers through your hair." 

Then Blaine is suddenly close, almost too close, but not close enough, his breath on Kurt's nose and cheeks and neck and  he kisses him. 

Kurt kisses deeper, licking in and relishing in the feeling of Blaine’s tongue on his own. And then Blaine’s pulling him down, on top of him, and Kurt presses in with his hips, grinding, and he remembers the first time they really did this and groans.

His hands press flat against the mattress and moves them to Blaine’s shoulder, but the bone presses into his palms and he winces, because it hurts, just a little. But Blaine notices and pulls back, rolling to his side, because they’re still new at this, still unsure and cautious.

“Blaine, no I want… It’s just I want to touch you and I can’t. I want to reach out and these damn bandages are getting in the way of that.”

He’s looking, earnest, trying to get Blaine to understand that he does want this, that he doesn’t want to stop. And then he catches a glint in Blaine’s eye.

“What?” he asks, because he can’t deny the sudden swell of Blaine’s pupils and the stretch of his jeans.
“We could… tie your hands down. Then you wouldn't be able to… You know.”

And it’s something that’s never occurred to him before, bondage. Kurt is nervous, unsure but he does want to do this. He wants Blaine more and more now. As if once they’d started going further, they just couldn't stop.

So he nods, once, barely perceptible, and then says, more sure, “Yes.”

Because he wants to feel Blaine’s mouth wet and hot around him he’s aching for it, and he knows he’d want to pull him closer. Knows he can’t. Knows this is the best solution.

“What should we…?” And Kurt feels a little better knowing Blaine is blushing and nervous over this too.

Kurt motions towards his closet, saying, “Open the second door and grab some ties. Nothing too nice, please.”

Then Blaine is next to him again, tying a tie around his wrist, and he’s so reverent, so gentle and loving that Kurt almost forgets he’s going to be tied down. Blaine’s finger slips in between the tie and Kurt’s wrist, checking to make sure there’s room for him to move and twist.

“Put your hands over your head,” Blaine says and then he’s tying the fabric to the headboard, pulling gently on it, testing the knots.

Kurt pulls on it too, and he can still move, but not far enough that he could reach Blaine, which he’s grateful for, because Blaine’s lips are on his, and his fingers are working down Kurt’s shirt, undoing buttons, then kissing a line down his chest, licking and sucking at the newly exposed skin.

He reaches the end of the shirt, pulling it open across his chest and up his arms as far as he’s able, whispering against Kurt’s skin that they should have really taken the shirt off first. And Kurt’s laughing but Blaine blows cool air over the skin he just kissed red and the laugh turns into a whimper.

“Blaine,” Kurt says, high pitched and breathy and so turned on, because he didn't know

that not being in control did this kind of thing to him. “I want you to… I want your mouth on me.”

And Blaine looks up, that same flash of lust in his eyes as before and he says yes, half sigh, half moan, and his hands are on Kurt’s stomach, trailing down, fumbling with the button and the zipper and yanking them down. Kurt’s hips arch up making it easier and Blaine grabs his ass, pulling him down onto the mattress again.

He’s licking and touching Kurt’s stomach and his tongue dips in his navel and Kurt moans, “Now, please. Fuck, Blaine.”

Then it’s the slight scratch of not-quite-a-day’s growth of stubble on his thigh and then Blaine’s mouth is on his cock and oh.

Blaine works up and down, one hand covering the length that’s not in his throat and the other pressing on Kurt’s hips, preventing him from thrusting too far. Which Kurt wants to do because it’s hot and wet and he gasps as Blaine’s tongue slides over the head and flicks at the slit. His hips move up because his hands can’t, and he feels the press of Blaine’s forearm holding him back.

“God, fuck. Blaine. Fuck.” And suddenly Blaine’s name and expletives are the only words in his vocabulary because who could form coherent sentences when their boyfriend’s tongue is licking up and down the vein on their cock and goddamn. 

His hands pull down, aching to bring Blaine closer to him, but they're stopped by the ties. Kurt wants to run his fingers through Blaine's curls, tip his head a little deeper on him, grip his shoulders and dig his nails into the skin there but he can't. 

And then Blaine suddenly takes him deeper, and Kurt whimpering and moaning, incapable of forming words even. Blaine hums against his cock, low in his throat, pulling off a little bit and swirling his tongue around the head and he somehow mutters close, because he is and he can feel the heat in his stomach getting hotter and hotter and he can almost feel his orgasm rushing closer to the surface.

Blaine doesn't pull off. Blaine doesn’t let up. Blaine sucks harder, and Kurt catches a glimpse of him, lips round and red and cheeks hollowed around him.

It tips him over the edge, and he comes, shuddering around Blaine’s name.

Then Blaine crawls up the bed, kissing him and it tastes like Blaine, but it tastes a little different too, salty and bitter and he realizes that’s what he tastes like, and it’s weird and different, and he really wants to pull Blaine closer but he’s stopped by the ties around his wrists.

“That was…. That was amazing,” he says. And it really was one of the best blow jobs of Kurt’s had, even though he doesn't have many to base it off of. He didn’t mind not being able to grip Blaine’s hair or pull on his head closer. It might have made it better. Giving up some control was new for Kurt, different, and he found he loved it. As long as it was Blaine taking everything.

And suddenly, the gashes on his palms didn’t seem such a hindrance.


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Oct. 10th, 2011 03:12 am (UTC)
...Oh. Wow. I loved this. It was just all kinds of wonderful and hot.
Oct. 10th, 2011 02:05 pm (UTC)
Well thanks! I'm always in the constant state of "it's hot to me because I can see it all in my head but did it transfer onto the paper well" sort of doubt. So yes. I'm glad to know it's not just really hot in my brain.
Oct. 10th, 2011 03:55 am (UTC)
Describing how he tied him almost reverently and then when Kurt asks him to put his mouth on him and he moans/breathes back yes? So hot. SO HOT. I love sweet bondage. Love. LOVE. So your question: am I doing this right? For me, YUP.

Nice idea with the swords, too!!
Oct. 10th, 2011 02:19 pm (UTC)
Re: Hnnng.
Actually, the "am I doing this right" was for the posting it on LJ. I've posted stuff on FF and tumblr before but this was a whole new ball game.

But yes, it's most definitely not a "I want to tie you up and keep you immobile and ravish you" sort of bondage. But an exploratory, built out of need thing. So I'm glad you liked it.

And would you know that I couldn't find any descriptions of sword injuries on google so I had to make up something that seemed plausible? And it's something I would totally do.
Oct. 10th, 2011 11:33 am (UTC)
Lovely fic. Like them exploring new things together.
Oct. 10th, 2011 02:34 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I know exploring things is always more fun to write than when something's super established. You get the nervous, jittery, am I doing this right sort of feel which is exciting.

And how I feel when I'm posting something
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