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Is this thing on?

Oh god. 

It feels so weird starting with a fresh slate, a new name, no one knowing who I am. 

Unless you're especially creepy and found me somewhere. 

Don't know how you'd do that. This is extremely undercover. Only semi-sharing a username with one other account.

It's like I'm a secret agent. I could be someone completely different than who I am on other sites. Over there, I'm one person... but here I could be anyone. 

Until my lack of ability to stay anonymouse kicks in and I tell everyone and their mother who I am.

Or up a link to tumblr. 

Or something.

So I'll sit here in my current anonymity. And try to figure this website out. 

Because all I really wanted to do was fic. Read it and get updates on when the WIPs I stupidly allowed myself to get sucked into get a new chapter. 

And maybe post some of my own because, yeah.